Mediation And Alternative Dispute Resolution Services In Georgia

When facing any kind of legal dispute, many people envision a fierce courtroom battle. Although this can be the best approach in some cases, there are many circumstances in which a more amicable, nonlitigious approach is advisable. In fact, many legal disputes do not justify the cost and risks involved with traditional litigation. In these cases, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are a better choice.

At Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers, P.C., we help clients resolve legal issues through mediation and other ADR methods. We channel all of our alternative dispute resolution cases through Innovative Mediation Solutions, LLC. Click here to learn more about Innovative Mediation Solutions, LLC.

The Benefits Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Cost: With court fees, attorney fees and other litigation expenses, a lawsuit can be extremely expensive, especially when a case takes a long time to resolve in court. ADR often avoids the court fees and extended costs of litigation.
  • Time: The courts are under resourced and backed up throughout the country, and litigation is a time-consuming endeavor even in the best scenarios. When used correctly, ADR can drastically reduce the time spent on a conflict and provide resolution quickly.
  • Results: Because ADR participants are more engaged in developing a solution that works for both parties, ADR usually yields much more favorable results. And because both parties come to an agreement on the terms, an ADR result is less susceptible to future breach and other problems that can arise.

Although ADR is a simpler, more amicable approach to resolving disputes when compared with litigation, it is extremely important to work with an experienced team that can protect your interests and make sure you achieve favorable results in your mediation or other ADR sessions.

ADR In Workers' Compensation Claims

At Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers, P.C., much of our mediation and alternative dispute resolution work is in the area of workers' compensation. Workers' compensation is a perfect forum for this type of dispute resolution because neither party usually has the resources or desire to take a claim of this kind to court. We help protect our clients' interests in ADR for workers' compensation and other legal disputes. Our lawyers have the knowledge and skill to provide efficient, effective solutions in a range of disputed issues.

To discuss ADR with an experienced attorney, call Moore Clarke DuVall & Rodgers, P.C., or email the firm.