Atlanta, Georgia , the undisputed capitol city of America's Southlands, is full of life and energy. Fondly known as 'the South's shining star', Atlanta was almost leveled during the Civil War years, but the spirit of the town could not be destroyed. Atlantans rebuilt their town and went on to make it one of today's world-wide major business hubs.

Thirteen Fortune 500 companies call Atlanta, GA home, as well as twenty-four Fortune 100 firms. Over 120,000 businesses thrive here. More than a thousand international firms have relocated to Atlanta, and more than fifty nations have established consulates and trade offices. The enormous  Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport has direct flights to Europe, Asia and South America, and it is one of the busiest airports in the country. Along with being one of the most important transportation hubs, Atlanta is emerging as a banking center as well.

According to the Census 2000, the population of Atlanta was approximately 420,000, while the outlying Atlanta Metro area was reported at 4.1 million people, a 40% growth rate from the previous decade.

Metro Atlanta is found just north of the city itself, in Greater North Fulton County, known as the area's "Golden Corridor". The name comes from the outstanding opportunities for quality lifestyle here, the hearty economy and the wide range of options for entertainment and recreation available to its residents.

Fulton County, GA holds high standards of excellence throughout its school systems. Education is a high priority in Atlanta, and the Fulton County region has a large number of universities and colleges from which to choose. Atlanta residents rank only second in the nation in technology and engineering graduates and fourth nationwide in computer science degrees. Emory University, the  Morehouse School of Medicine, Mercer University and the Georgia Institute of Technology are just a few of the fine schools available in Fulton County.

Atlanta GA, residents never lack for something to do. Atlanta is home to five different sports teams. A superb collection of museums carefully preserves the city's proud heritage. For children and their families, the Six Flags Amusement Park and Zoo Atlanta are a continual source of delight. The mild southern climate allows Atlantans to use their many outdoor recreation areas all through the year. Famous Underground Atlanta is a unique, historic five-block area underneath downtown and offers fine shopping, dining and nightlife.

During the controversial 60's, when Atlanta was a major center for the various Freedom Movements, it was called 'the city too busy to hate'. With the visionary leadership of its elected officials, the enormous involvement that the local residents put into their neighborhoods, and the huge economic promise of its thriving industries and businesses, today's Atlanta is known as 'the city too busy not to care'. The legendary spirit of Atlanta, Georgia, that spirit which simply will not quit, insures that Atlanta will remain the South's 'shining star' for many generations to come.